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Exciting news from HSM

Henrie Stride Management is proud to announce the addition of Kate Langbroek of KIIS National Drive, guest judge and mentor of MasterChef Australia, Shannon Bennett of the Vue De Monde Group and Chrissie Swan of Melbourne’s number 1 breakfast show Nova 100.

They join an already impressive list of talent; Matt Preston, Sam Pang, Adriano Zumbo, Paul West, Elena Duggan & Michael Rantissi. Please click here to see more information about our talent.

Having had extensive experience working within the traditional model of talent management, Henrie Stride has been privy to the frustrations of individuals who felt their needs and goals were not catered for. In a world where a name is a brand and a digital presence is as important as appearing on television or radio, the traditional talent management model has become outdated. By challenging the outdated paradigm and developing a new method, HSM is able to confidently cater to each and every client. Henrie, in partnership with Lena Barridge have developed a method that truly delivers a system that encourages rather than hinders the careers of each individual.

The HSM model takes an innovative approach to brand and talent management. Combining experience in television, film, radio, print, photography, digital media and business management, Henrie Stride and Lena Barridge individually tailor management to each and every artist. This fresh and honest take on the traditional model of talent management, focusses on each artists’ needs, instills a proactive pursuit of opportunities and more importantly delivers positive results. A unique model that keeps the artists career goals the forefront of the partnership.

HSM is also proud to announce the recent addition of the Melbourne office.

On this new addition, Co-Director Henrie Stride states “I’m excited to be working back in my home town of Melbourne. HSM now has the ability to offer a tailored service to top level talent in both Sydney and Melbourne.”