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Henrie Stride and Lena Barridge


Having had extensive experience working with talent in the traditional model of talent management, Henrie Stride has frequently noticed the frustrations of individuals who felt their needs and goals were not catered to. In a world where your name is your brand and your digital presence is as important as your TV or radio appearance, the traditional model is outdated.
In response to this shift, Henrie has created the HSM model in partnership with Lena Barridge to provide services customised to your individual needs. Similarly, at HSM we don’t believe in charging a flat 20% commission, so we have developed three levels of services, flexible and tailorable to suit your career needs.
The HSM model takes an innovative approach to brand and talent management. Combining experience in TV, film, radio, print, photography, social media and business management, Henrie Stride and Lena Barridge individually tailor management to each and every artist we represent. Our fresh and honest take on the traditional model of talent management focusses on each artist’s needs, instills a proactive pursuit of opportunities and more importantly delivers positive results. Our focus enables you to achieve the best outcomes for your career and ultimately your brand.

masterchef, sydney talent management, henrie stride, lena barridge, lifestyle, tv, brand management
Radio, sydney talent management, henrie stride, lena barridge, lifestyle, tv, brand management

Henrie Stride

Henrie Stride, co-director of HSM, is a dynamic and energetic talent manager with 20+ years of broad-reaching experience in media and a strong track record of success in the film, radio and television industries.
Starting her career at Mullinar’s Casting in the early ’90s, Henrie went on to become one of the first casting producers for reality TV. From here she became the Network Casting Director for the Nine Network. In 2008 Henrie branched out on her own with Henrie Stride Casting, during which time she cast the three judges – Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan – for the ratings juggernaut MasterChef Australia. Within a year she was offered a position at Melbourne’s Profile Talent management to launch and run the Sydney office. Having garnered notable achievements and accolades in the industry, Henrie possesses  solid business acumen, profound expertise, and wide-reaching networks and relationships — all of which enable her to make an invaluable contribution to any talent whose career vision she is personally invested in.

Henrie Stride Management Sydney Talent Management, TV, radio, lifestyle, brand management

Lena Barridge

Lena comes to HSM with 25 years’ experience in TV post-production, photography, digital design, social media and print experience. After completing a Bachelor of Communications, Lena worked in post production as a motion effects compositor, spending a few years working on documentaries then moving into the advertising world with TV ads for above-the-line clients. Her experience took her into the print industry for a few years, followed by her successful photography and creative services business.  Her impressive photography portfolio has a strong focus on lifestyle and portraiture. Over the past 10 years she has built two businesses and is now establishing her third, in the industry of talent management with business partner Henrie Stride.
What sets Lena apart is the ability to combine a handful of trades and offer a unique ability to assess your brand from all angles. Attention to detail, reliability and an obsession with making perfecting and polishing your brand is her greatest attribute. Lena also works as a volunteer for the Heartfelt Organisation.